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E-commerce is growing at an incredibly fast pace, and right now there’s nothing more important for this industry as the upcoming sales season. In 2019, worldwide sales generated by e-commerce totaled over $3.4 bn, and they are expected to reach $4.9 bn in 2021 (source). So, if you own an e-commerce store, it’s the last chance for you to get ready. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to review your e-commerce marketing strategy.

Which aspects of your strategy should you focus on? Everything points towards emails being the preferred communication method for e-commerce businesses. In fact, 72% of people (including millennials and teenagers) prefer email as their main source of communication with businesses (source).

Taking all of this into account, we will provide you with all of the necessary resources and tips to boost your e-commerce email marketing strategy – including different types of emails you will need to use to attract your customers’ attention.






  • 转换新的客户
  • 提高销售额
  • 收集评论和反馈
  • 鼓励客户忠诚度并改善沟通
  • 向客户提供信息(关于特价、新产品或者更新等)
  • 介绍您的公司及独家销售点

Obviously, you don’t have to choose just one of these goals. However, with all of the possibilities that are offered by email marketing, the aim is to have a few clearly defined objectives. Trying to hit too many targets will result in the underperformance of your campaigns. By focusing on the goals that are most important to you, you can efficiently utilize your resources and avoid wasting time on creating email content that does not add any value to your users. 




  • 发送邮件的数量要保持一致 – 不要太频繁地进行更改
  • 以合法的方式获得电子邮件列表 – 不要购买联系人列表
  • 保持列表中没有“垃圾邮件陷阱”
  • 避免被标记为垃圾邮件
  • 个性化您的邮件
  • 在邮件的设计上保持一致
  • 思考主题时要具备创造力
  • 执行A/B测试
  • 一定要填写标题前的内容
  • 在文本和图像之间要有一个良好的平衡
  • 在可见的地方要放置一个取消订阅按钮
  • 避免简化链接
  • 根据他们的兴趣和购买历史等来细分您的联系人
  • 随着时间的推移,调整、修改或重新调整您的目标



  • 别错过了 – 促销季[下星期/星期一/再过X天]就开始了。


  • 好消息 – 我们正在降价
  • 价格下降提醒:所选项目有高达[X]%的折扣


  • 成功!我们收到了您的订单


  • [名称]集合中只剩下了一些[商品]。现在就购买
  • [X]%的折扣会在[Y]小时内结束。这是您购买的最后机会了


  • 您把东西落在购物车里了
  • 不要忘记订购[用户购物车中的商品名称]
  • 还在考虑吗?在[商品]消失之前完成您的购买!



Hi [name]!

We are reaching out with some good news: our [annual/seasonal] sale is kicking off soon.

We’ve been working on an exceptional offer for the last few weeks, so you can expect big discounts coming your way.

Click here [link] to set an email reminder for a price drop alert if you don’t want to miss out!

Want to learn more? Go to our website [link]

The [company] team

产品销售邮件模板 1

Hi [name],

Here’s your requested price drop alert!

We lowered prices on [all our products/selected products] by up to [X]%.

To get the discount, use this unique code at the checkout:

PROMO CODE: [code]

Hurry up, the offer expires on [date]!

产品销售邮件模板 2

Hey [name]!

We think you should know that our prices have just dropped.

You can enjoy discounts of up to [X]% off on [all our products/selected products].

Have a look at some examples of discounted items:

[A list of the most greatly discounted products with images]

Click the button below to start shopping:


产品销售邮件模板 3

Hi [name],

Our [spring/summer/fall/winter/annual/seasonal] sales have just kicked off.

You can get our products for [X]% less than usual. Just use the following code at the checkout:


Hurry up, this offer only lasts for [Y] days.

[button] BUY NOW

最后机会邮件模板 1

Hey [name],

It’s your last chance to get our products with a [X]% discount.

Have a look at some of the items that are still available:

[Examples of products that are still in stock].

The offer expires [today/tomorrow], so you have only [Y] hours left.

[Button] SHOP NOW

The [company] Customer Service Team

最后机会邮件模板 2

Hey there!

Our [seasonal/annual] sale ends [today/tomorrow].

This means you only have [Y] hours left to save on selected products.

Discounts are automatically applied at checkout, you just need to add items that you like to your cart.


Here’s what you can buy:

[Images of discounted products].

优惠邮件模板 1  

Hello [name],

We have something special for you:

Next time you shop with us, use the code below to get a [X]% discount on any item you select.


Follow this link to use your coupon [link]

优惠邮件模板 2 – 作为对您做某事的感谢

Hi [name]!
Thank you for [filling out our survey/your support/posting your review].
You can find your [X]% off coupon code below:


If you have any questions about how to apply the code, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email address].

And once again – thank you for your help!

Customer Satisfaction Team at [company]

追加销售/交叉销售邮件模板 1 – 专注于交叉销售

Hi there [name],

You left your shopping cart full of cool stuff.

We hope that you are still interested in buying our products.

To help you make up your mind, we’ve created a list of products similar to the one sitting in your cart.

Maybe you’ll find a better fit below:
[A list of products with pictures]

But no worries – the previous products are still waiting for you.

Button: Go my cart

追加销售/交叉销售邮件模板 2 – 专注于交叉销售

Hello [name],

You bought a [product] from us recently.

You may be also interested in a few other products that work well with [item that was bought].

Here’s what we’ve got for you:

[A list of products with pictures]


[name and position]

电子商务邮件 – 常见问题







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