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  • 根据 《哈佛商业评论》,84%的B2B买家是通过推荐开始购买过程,他人推荐影响着超过90%的B2B购买决定。

  • 根据Influitive收集的统计数据显示,有推荐项目的B2B公司中,69%表示完成销售的时间更快,59%表示客户的终身价值更高,71%表示转化率更高。

  • 根据沃顿商学院的研究,被推荐的客户的获取成本更低,而且具有更高的保留度和忠诚度。事实上,被推荐的客户的终身价值比未被推荐的客户高16%。

  • 在他们自己的调查中,CustomerGauge发现,推荐的业务在新的销售中至少占20%,推荐机会会在20天左右结束,而非推荐交易则是100天。

  • IDC和LinkedIn的报告称,76.2%的商业买家喜欢与推荐的供应商合作,73%的人喜欢与推荐的销售人员合作。

Peter Komornik

LiveAgent 结合出色的实时聊天、工单和自动操作,令我们得以向客户提供卓越的支持。

Peter Komornik,首席执行官
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Hi [Name],

Hope things are going well with you.

I’m so glad to hear that [Product/ Service name] has been working so well for you and your team. I knew that we’d be able to drive significant impact for [their Company].

Given the success you’ve seen, I wondered if you might know of any [friends/ colleagues/ other companies in the area] who are also looking to [achieve specific goals] and would benefit from our [product/ service]. I would love to help them achieve similar growth.

If so, could you facilitate an intro? I’d be happy to sit down with them afterward for a completely free 1-hour consultation to figure out their needs and what we could offer them.

If they want to know more about what we do, feel free to direct them to our website: www.yourwebsite.com.

Let me know if anyone comes to mind, or if there’s anything else I can do for you.



Hi [Name],

I’m happy to hear you’ve had such a great experience with our team so far. I knew we could help, and I’m pleased you’re seeing results so quickly.

I trust our team will take care of you through the rest of the onboarding process, but you can always reach back out to me with any questions. In the meantime, since things are going well, do you know anyone else who might want similar results?

I’ll gladly meet up with them and discuss how we can work together.

Best Regards,


Hi [Name],

I hope you’re doing well.

As I mentioned during our last [meeting/ call], I have time on my hands now that our project is over. Once again, I’m happy that we managed to pull off such awesome results together! Do you by any chance know somebody who’d be interested in our services?

In case anyone comes to mind, just point them to our website www.yourwebsite.com, and I’ll take it from there.



Hi [Name],

I just saw that you gave us a great score on the customer satisfaction survey you completed a few days ago. I’m so happy to hear we’ve met — and maybe even exceeded — your expectations with [Product/ Service name].

Can you please do me a favor? I’m trying to find others who would benefit from the same features you’ve enjoyed. Is there anyone you can think of who might also have a need for our [product/ service]?

Thanks in advance,


Hi [Name],

It’s been a few weeks since we wrapped up our work together — I hope everything is still going well with you and the team.

I know I’ve asked before, but is there anyone you can introduce me to that might also be interested in our [product/ service]? I’d hate for them to miss out if they’re [experiencing the same pain point you were].



Hi [Name],

Are you satisfied with [Product/ Service name]? Then share your positive experience with your peers so that they can [major benefit your product or service provides].

As a thank you, you will receive [perks for the customer]. Learn how our referral program works below:

[Brand’s Referral Program details]

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance – we’re always here to help!



Dear [Referral name],

I hope you’re doing well!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it to you before, but I’ve been working with [Your name/ Company name] for [number] years now and I’ve had a really great experience. So I wanted to connect you two because I thought [his/ her/ their] [product/ service] might be of use to you, too, based on our previous conversations.

I’ve cc’ed [Your name] to put you directly in touch. I’ll let you folks take it from here and decide if [Your name/ Company name]’s [product/ service] is a good fit for you, too!



Hi [Name],

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for referring your [colleague/ friend] [Referral name] to [Your company]!

I’m excited to share that we’re going to work together on [Project/ Service/ Initiative] over the next several months, and hopefully [Your product/service offering] will be as helpful for them as it has been for you.

As a thank you for making the connection, I’ve asked our accounting team to issue a $*** credit to you. You should see it appear on your next invoice, but please contact me if you have any issues.

Thanks again, and please let me know if you can think of anyone else I should reach out to.

I look forward to talking again soon.


Hi [Name],

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for referring [Referral name] to me.

It means so much to me that you were happy enough with the work that we did together to share my name with someone who you want to see succeed. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help [him/her/them] [details on what you help with], too.

If I can be of service at any point in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out – I’d be thrilled to work together again.



Hi [Name],

Thanks again for referring [Referral name] to me. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’re a fit for each other right now. But if that changes and they sign up for a service plan in the future that qualifies you for our referral bonus, I’ll let you know right away.

As always, feel free to reach out, if there’s anything I can do for you.



  • 客户与您的公司合作了很长的时间,知道您的产品服务的价值。
  • 客户正在积极地使用您的产品/服务,并告诉您他们有多高兴。
  • 根据客户的反馈,您知道您已经超出了他们的期望。
  • 客户对您的NPS调查做出了积极的回应/留下了积极的评价。
  • 您已经达到了一个关键的项目里程碑/成功地完成了一个项目。
  • 客户在没有询问的情况下就把其他人介绍给了您(如果您对他们提出请求,他们很可能会再次这样做)。
  • 您已经开始了一个新的(或现有的)客户推荐计划。

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